Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No-Stars' News Wire...

The new Christmas disc, “Feed The Need 2006,” is finished and available! Proceeds from the 3-song E.P. will benefit local charities feeding the hungry this season. Order on-line (see the entry below) or at one of our gigs or events. We’d like to thank the Blues Society of WNY, the Lafayette Tap Room, Rick Nicotra, and everybody at the Am-Jam on Saturday for inviting us down to promote the CD… We sold a bunch and listened to some good tunes too (lots of up and coming talent at the Am-Jam, which we always enjoy getting to whenever our schedules allow). We also saw our own Guy Nirelli sitting in with the house band, as well as our good friend Jimmy Wozniak.

The new album, “Blues Power,” will also be available before 2007 (we have had delays due to the “October Surprise” storm and aftermath, but we should still have discs available before Christmas). Order now, for the music enthusiast on your list. Also, from what I’ve heard, the new WBFO CD (“WBFO Gives Me The Blues, Vol. II”) is available from the station. Check out their website for more information.

Speaking of B3 master Guy Nirelli, it is with a mixture of both joy and sadness that we must announce his impending departure from the No-Stars bullpen—Joy that he will be moving on to a full-time gig with the lovely and talented Patti Parks, who will be representing the WNY region in Memphis this year at the International Blues Challenge; sadness at losing one of the best board players on the East Coast from the fold! Congratulations again go to Patti and the band; we wish you all the best. Guy will be working with us for awhile during this transitional time, so make sure you stop by and say “hello” at a gig and wish him well in this new venture. We’re sure to see big things from the Patti Parks Band in the future… Details of some of the fundraisers they’ll be having to raise money for the Memphis trip will be available at their website, as well as at www.WNYBlues.org.

That’s all the news for now… See you at the next show!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Important News Flash...

Dear Mighty No-Stars Fans and Supporters;

Due to circumstances beyond our ability to design or control, we will not be involved in the Holiday CD project called “Happy Holidays from Buffalo” which is being put out this year under the auspices of an organization called “Musicians For WNY” (contrary to the info that appears on the group’s website); and unfortunately, we cannot in good conscience recommend the CD to you as socially conscious music consumers of good taste.

We are still interested in doing something positive with our music for those in need this Christmas, so here’s what we’ll do—We will make a new 3-song E.P., including our newest track “Always (The Poor)” available for $3.00 U.S. plus postage and handling (that’s $1.00 per tune) with 90% of the proceeds from each sale going directly to the Food Bank of WNY (the 10% is just to cover our manufacturing costs)… So you can still support the No-Stars, give someone on your list the gift of music, and do something to help those less fortunate this year.

We are taking pre-orders now, so all you have to do to reserve your copy is send an e-mail requesting one to Gregg@MightyNoStars.com. We will contact you with details on how to order.

Don’t forget our other releases this year—the long-awaited Mighty No-Stars album (“Blues Power!”), and the “WBFO Gives You The Blues, Vol. II” sampler. Both will make great gifts this year and you’ll be supporting local music too!

Thanks again, see you at a gig, and don’t forget to reserve your copy today!

Gregg Juke

Monday, October 30, 2006

"October Surprise" Update

Well then, what can we say? It was a warm and sunny day; the next it was cold, with two feet of snow and trees were destroyed for miles and miles in the storm’s wake. At times during the storm, it was difficult to determine whether the rumbling sounds were those of thunder (in a snow storm, no less!) or of the trees breaking under their own weight and exploding from the inside-out.

In case you haven’t heard, the Buffalo & WNY area is still recovering from a surprise snow storm that occurred on October 12th. I have lived here most of my life, and I don’t recall snow earlier than October 31st, and certainly not this kind of “real winter” snow storm. I saw a transformer exploding, and it looked just like 4th of July fireworks. Very odd. So were the reports of blue, green, and purple lightening! (I didn’t see any, but several reputable sources described it to me).

Juke Manor was without power for eight days, although on or about the fifth day a friend blessed us with a generator. We still did not have a phone connection until yesterday (October 29th), which makes what, 18 days without a telephone? On October 13th, I left early in the morning to get some groceries—all told it was a six-hour trip to a store that is about seven minutes from my house… We also had to cancel a 50th Anniversary party for my folks that has been planned for over a year, and we had to cancel a gig on Friday the 13th (I think that’s one of only three that I’ve ever scuttled for any reason in the last 25 years). Big shout-out to Seneca Niagara—the folks in admin decided to pay all of their bands anyway, even though nobody was able to make their gigs that night!

We are finally starting to see more of the local streets cleared and the 25 foot long by 8 foot high, five foot deep wood and brush pile in front of my house is starting to get moved out of the way by workers. What impressed me the most was how people really pitched-in to help others. We had a lot of help from friends, family, and neighbors at our place, and we were able to remove most of the debris from the lawns of quite a few older folks that would have had great difficulty in doing so on their own. I’d also like to thank all of the relief workers, the power companies that sent personnel to help National Grid and NYSEG restore electricity (we saw trucks from down south and from Quebec), and the phone company men. Maybe somebody can take the time to explain to me what the different hard-hat designs and shapes mean…

Needless to say, we’ve been pretty busy and are just now starting to get back to band stuff… The exciting news is that we now have three (yes, _3_!) recording projects that will be available this Christmas season, plus another CD that we want to remind you about:

The first is the long-awaited album project from Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars—Blues Power. This project has been several years in the making, but we feel it will have been worth the wait. Sixteen tracks (13 originals and three covers), available soon (watch the home website: http://www.mightynostars.com/ for details). We will get release-party details out to you as soon as possible.

The second CD is a local project to benefit the Food Bank of Western New York. This CD is called “Happy Holidays from Buffalo,” and will feature lots of local talent. It is being created under the auspices of an organization called Musicians for WNY (http://www.musiciansforwny.org/). We are contributing a new song slated for our next album called “Always (The Poor).” Pick-up a great gift this year and help people helping others at the same time.

The last CD that we’re going to be on in 2006 is a compilation on DCD Records called “WBFO Gives You The Blues, Vol. II,” which is a premium for those donating to WBFO during this year’s fund drive. We are contributing the track “Nomo Loot” from the upcoming album Blues Power. Lots of great local blues and roots acts will be involved, and these tracks were all hand-picked by WBFO Blues host Jim Santella. Pick this one up and give yourself or a friend the Blues this year…

Also, the long-delayed release of Boston-based singer-songwriter Mark Lenkei’s second album should be upon us soon. The album features yours truly on drums, percussion and vocals, keyboard phenom J.J. Moscato on organ, and was produced by our long-time friend and associate (and sometime Mighty No-Stars bass-sub) Glenn Bernardis. We’ll keep you posted as details are available.

We had our first gig back after the storm and a brief pre-planned hiatus at the Pearl Street Grill on Saturday night. Great crowd, and it was good to see Patti Parks, Judd Sunshine, and Gus Pusateri in the audience. Sorry the Sabres lost, folks… I was really looking forward to getting some cheap applause and billing the rest of the evening as “Sabre-ween.” Don’t forget to get down to the Lafayette Tap Room on November 4th and support Patti and all of the other bands competing in this year’s “Memphis Bound” competition.

In other news, Guy, myself, Joel, Pastor Joe, and Joel’s son Justin recently went to a shooting event called “Shoot ‘till You Drop.” Yes, that’s really what it was called. We partook of various shotgun shooting sports, including skeet, trap, and sporting clays. The entire band was supposed to go, but some last-minute issues came up for some of the guys. We asked our manager, Susan, if she'd like to come along with us (I suggested a Katherine Hepburn type of look with riding pants), but she just spun on her heels and mumbled something mostly unintelligible, probably unsavory, and largely unfavorable to the idea... Try as we might, we did not see Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, or any member of PETA anywhere on the premises. I know next to nothing about shotgun shooting (currently, I now know just a little more than nothing); needless to say I hit less than 50 percent of the targets, but Joel and Guy both hit TWO with ONE shot. Pastor Joe also pulls them out of the air with great ease. I fared better on the air-rifle range, having the second fastest time for knocking down all the targets. I guess all of that practice with rifle marksmanship in the service was worth something! Look for pictures and the full scoop on the home website soon…

Finally, congratulations go out once again to former No-Star Jack Prybylski for his nomination in the category of “Best Blues Saxophone Player” in the upcoming Buffalo Area Music Awards. Congratulations also go out to all of the nominees.

Thanks for checking in, we’ll see you at one of the gigs, and of course, God Bless & Good Blues…


Monday, September 25, 2006

A few News Items...

*We had a great gig back at Alternative Brews on Saturday night... small but motivated crowd,
plus guest appearances from J.J. Moscato (www.jjmoscato.com), Jack Civilleto, April Mazzone, and Patti Parks! And we saw Doug "Shaky-Leg" Thornton from The Electras, Mike Mietlicki from Musicians for Western New York (www.musiciansforwny.org), and renowned music educator John Fatta in the audience... Not bad for our first gig back at Alt-Brews since last June!

*The album is coming!!!! Really! Watch the home website (www.mightynostars.com) for more info; we should have discs in about four weeks (well in advance of the Holiday shopping season).
Also, look for more upcoming changes as we continue our website overhaul...

*A new October date has just been added (Friday the 13th at Seneca Niagara Casino, 6pm-10pm). Hope to see you there...

*Lots of new originals (and more coming) in the live show!

*As we mentioned earlier, we'll be taking a little breather in October, but the band will be participating in an upcoming event called "Shoot 'till you Drop"... Only serious! More details and photos to come(?)...

Talk with you soon, God Bless & Good Blues,


Monday, September 11, 2006

September Song...

I heard an interesting version of this classic once, performed by Lou Reed, believe it or not... Not adding it to our set-list anytime soon, however.

It has been a very busy summer concert season. We have some dates this month (primarily the Casinos, the River Grill, and Alt-Brews), but we will be taking some much-needed time off from performing in October for R&R (Rest and Relaxation, not you-know-what) and to re-tool our show (new songs; LOTS of new originals) and do some recording (not to mention my parents 50th wedding anniversary, which is a pretty big deal for the entire Juke household).

As it turns out, the Christmas compilation CD that we are submitting a track for is coming out this year, so we are finishing-up a new original for that project... But the really exciting news is that finally, finally, finally, our first full-length album will be out this fall (finishing touches are being completed as we speak); definitely available before Thanksgiving for this year's Holiday Season...

Watch the home website for more changes on the design front, as well as updates in the "fan of the month" section, and CD release and availability details!

On a more somber note, today is 9-11... It seems almost impossible that five years have passed already. No matter what your politics are, please remember our troops worldwide, firemen, and law enforcement personnell, and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

C U at a show soon, or catch us live in November...

God Bless & Good Blues,


Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Rather August Assembly...

Why? Why can't I stop with the corny tangential semi-meaningless post titles? I dunno; it just seems so much better than "Entry # 275, 8/6/06"...

Anyway, once again, longtime no post from us here... Sorry folks, we have had some computer difficulties, as well as a really busy summer, and we are in the thick of the summer concert season as we speak. August is packed! Come out and see the band.

We had a great time this evening at St. Christopher's Summerfest 2006. Good food, nice crowd, and of course, great music. We'd like to thank St. Chris' staff for hosting such a great event, and including your humble Mighty No-Stars in the mix. Our two newest No-Stars, drummer Paul Warner and saxophonist Greg Connell really outdid themselves this evening, as did the entire group. Come see the band while you can still get in for less than $25 a ticket!!!!

More changes coming at the home website (www.mightynostars.com)... Check back often.

Also, don't forget to check us out in Lockport, N.Y. on Saturday, August 26. The Boats & Blues event benefits a very worthy cause...

CU next time. God Bless & Good Blues...


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Moon, Tune, June...

Sorry, just went to Tin Pan Alley for a moment...

In Mighty No-Stars News:

Last Friday's gig at Alternative Brews (one of Western New York's premier Blues & Roots venues) was our last for awhile-- the end of a 6-month stint as one of Alt-Brews' monthly house bands. We hope you made it out (it was a great time), and we hope to see you back there in the Fall. Paul (Alt-Brews owner and entertainment impressario) uses the Summer months to try out new bands, so if you visit Alternative Brews frequently, you'll be seeing some new faces over the next few months. Please do continue to support Paul; Alternative Brews has been a great supporter of the Blues and local live music for many years. In fact, they just celebrated 11 years in business with a full day of music, barbecue, and mayhem (not sure about the mayhem, but it sounded good). Congratulations go out to Paul and family, and to all of the Alt-Brews staff for a fantastic 11 years. God Bless, Good Blues, and may you have many, many more!

Our Doctor of Organology, Mr. Guy Nirelli, was unable to attend the festivities, so we had the pleasure of working once again with the incredibly talented J.J. "The Jet Plane" Moscato. J.J. "threw down" on vocals, organ, and piano, and he is a wonder to watch and listen to. Check out his website (www.jjmoscato.com), see him with Kate Engler, JPG (the Jack Prybylski Group), and with his very own band, Blue Avenue. We just found out that J.J. and his group will be appearing at a bluesfest in Lansing, Michigan, and have booked some club dates there as well, so look out, Detroit, J.J. The Jet Plane is making a musical straffing run, and ya'll will never be the same! You can also dig J.J.'s soulful vocal stylings on (former No-Star) Jack Prybylski's latest CD (available at www.jackprybylski.com).

The Summer concert calendar is filling-up quickly. Check out the home website (www.mightynostars.com) for all of the latest info on upcoming Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars gigs. Sign-up for the e-mail list, and you'll always know what's happening!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Great Gigs...

We had a most excellent time playing for all ya'll at Alternative Brews (Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, N.Y.) on Friday for our monthly "house gig." When the audience "goes wild," it helps us to go wild too, and pour-on even more of the entertainment sauce that makes our brand of music so tasty to the eyes and ears (if we do say so ourselves)...

We had one of the biggest rounds of applause I've heard at the Brews all year (or maybe that was when the Sabres put away the winning goal; I can't remember)-- but in any case, good times were had by all, and we thank you.

Next month (June) is our last "monthly first Friday" at Alt-Brews for awhile (we'll return in the Fall; Paul likes to try-out new bands during the Summer season, so you should be seeing some new faces at the Brews soon). You'll want to join us for our end-of-the-season party featuring special guest keyboardist and vocalist J.J. Moscato, formerly of the Marvelous Heptones, and currently performing with Kate Engler, Sonny Mayo and the Drivers, JPG, and his own band, Blue Avenue. Most Western New York Blues and R&B fans are familiar with J.J., but if you haven't heard him yet, you're not going to want to miss this show... 'Nuff Said.

We're going to take a little time off for R&R; we hope to see you at our next public performance at the River Grill - 20 Aqua Lane, in Tonawanda, NY on Sunday, May 21st; 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM...

Check the home website (www.mightynostars.com) for updates to our calendar; the gig/concert schedule is filling-up fast for the Summer season.

Cya, God Bless & Good Blues,


Thursday, April 27, 2006

More News for 2006

What did the boy say when he threw the clock through the open window?

"Time Flies." (Excitable boy, they all said...)

It's been quite a long while since our last news update, so here are a few things that are happening:

* We have agreed to submit a track for an upcoming Christmas CD that will be released for charity this year... Check out www.musiciansforwny.org, or check back here or at our home website for more details...

* After an extremely long hiatus, I have updated the "Blues & The Abstract Truth" site with a new (previously published) article. Check out www.veritasblues.blogspot.com .

* Bob Wever Motorsports and Marine are continuing to run the jingle Bruce and I put together for them last year, and recently the 97 Rock "Morning Circus" crew called "Weaver Fever" the best thing on the air... (kinda makes you wonder what else is running on the radio, doesn't it?)...

* The official home website for Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars is undergoing a massive site reconstruction. Our webmaster Dr. Bill has done a great job creating a simple yet elegant new look (check out www.mightynostars.com), but check back often, because we haven't even gotten started yet! We are currently looking to add more audio, some video, a whole lot more photos (right now there are none, because we decided to start from scratch), and a new "fan-of-the-month" page. Don't be surprised if we snap your picture and ask for an interview at an upcoming gig!

* Speaking of new website features, we are now running a monthly contest for fun and prizes at our upcoming shows... Check-out www.mightynostars.com for the secret code; 'nuff said...

* Our Spring/Summer concert schedule is filling-up quickly. Check out the home website for details, but two events we want you to know about are the upcoming "Blues Cruise" on the Grand Lady in June (check out www.wnyblues.org for details and ticket info), and the "Boats and Blues" gig ( a great charity event featuring you know who-- oh, ok, Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars) happening in August at the Lockport Locks. Get your tickets right away, you won't want to miss these events...

* If you don't know about our gig schedule for May, June, July, August, and September, then you probably need to sign-up for our e-mail list (that site again is: www.mightynostars.com !!!!)

See you at an upcoming gig soon. Don't forget the first Friday of every month through June at Alternative Brews in Amherst. In June, we're featuring special guest keyboardist and vocalist J.J. Moscato. This will be a hot show, so don't miss it!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big News for 2006

Well, let's see:

* Joel's back?

* Baby girl?

* Opening up for Howard & The White Boys on Sunday, February 19th at the Lafayette Tap Room in Buffalo?

Yup, we covered those... But here's some news we haven't released as of yet-- We have inked a management deal with Paul Collins Artist Management International, a management and booking agency out of Kansas City. Paul works with many top and up-and-coming Jazz musicians (including recording artist and John Scofield sideman Greg Tardy, and Italian recording artist Roberto Magris). Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band will certainly be something new for PCAMI, but we are looking forward to breaking new ground together.

Susan Fischer, our stalwart business agent and resident Wonder Woman, will continue as a valued member of our team, working with us on local and regional booking, as well as coordinating some of her more ambitious efforts with Paul and the folks at PCAMI.

Exciting things happening around the No-Stars bullpen; we'll keep you posted on further developments... Can World Domination be far behind????


Some folks say my face, when I play the Bass...

...get all squinched-up like some type of jellyfish, er son'in...

No, not really, but here's some big news-- Jumpin' Joel Thomas is back!!!!

Joel's first post-surgery, post self-X-ray performance was on Friday night at our monthly house gig at Alternative Brews in Amherst. Crowd went wild, and so did the band. We'd like to thank gregarious Glenn Bernardis for doing such an admirable job of filling-in for Joel during his absence.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Baby, Baby...

Not the one by Smokey Robinson _or_ the one by Amy Grant.

News from Juke Central:

Julia Grace was born Monday the 23rd at 10:30 am; 7 lbs. 14 oz.
Mother and baby are fine.

Father is recovering...

(Harry Connick, Jr., who has a little girl, was talking with David Letterman, who has a boy... Connick says "You have to watch out for your boy, but I've got to watch out for _every_ boy!")


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Your Mighty No-Stars: Troops in Transition

Thankfully, our bassist, Joel's recovery is going well. Unfortunately, though, it looks like it will take him a little longer to get back into the saddle again with Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band. He will need some additional surgery and recovery time, so for the time-being, Glenn Bernardis, and perhaps others, will continue to sub for Joel until he is fully recovered and road-worthy... We will hold down the fort for as long as it takes, bud, but hurry up already, Jumpin' Joel!

Due to the aforementioned situation, and the extremely busy musical schedules of several of the No-Stars, you may see some new faces up on the bandstand from time to time. We've got a bunch of young bucks joining the bullpen this year as first-call Mighty No-Subs, and we'll be introducing you to some of them here and at the home website as time goes on. But if it looks like the band is getting younger before your eyes, that's just because it's a fact! We don't have a picture of Dorian Grey in the attic under a blanket or anything, I swear!!!! (MUHUHAHAHAHahaaaaaaaaa...)