Thursday, April 27, 2006

More News for 2006

What did the boy say when he threw the clock through the open window?

"Time Flies." (Excitable boy, they all said...)

It's been quite a long while since our last news update, so here are a few things that are happening:

* We have agreed to submit a track for an upcoming Christmas CD that will be released for charity this year... Check out, or check back here or at our home website for more details...

* After an extremely long hiatus, I have updated the "Blues & The Abstract Truth" site with a new (previously published) article. Check out .

* Bob Wever Motorsports and Marine are continuing to run the jingle Bruce and I put together for them last year, and recently the 97 Rock "Morning Circus" crew called "Weaver Fever" the best thing on the air... (kinda makes you wonder what else is running on the radio, doesn't it?)...

* The official home website for Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars is undergoing a massive site reconstruction. Our webmaster Dr. Bill has done a great job creating a simple yet elegant new look (check out, but check back often, because we haven't even gotten started yet! We are currently looking to add more audio, some video, a whole lot more photos (right now there are none, because we decided to start from scratch), and a new "fan-of-the-month" page. Don't be surprised if we snap your picture and ask for an interview at an upcoming gig!

* Speaking of new website features, we are now running a monthly contest for fun and prizes at our upcoming shows... Check-out for the secret code; 'nuff said...

* Our Spring/Summer concert schedule is filling-up quickly. Check out the home website for details, but two events we want you to know about are the upcoming "Blues Cruise" on the Grand Lady in June (check out for details and ticket info), and the "Boats and Blues" gig ( a great charity event featuring you know who-- oh, ok, Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars) happening in August at the Lockport Locks. Get your tickets right away, you won't want to miss these events...

* If you don't know about our gig schedule for May, June, July, August, and September, then you probably need to sign-up for our e-mail list (that site again is: !!!!)

See you at an upcoming gig soon. Don't forget the first Friday of every month through June at Alternative Brews in Amherst. In June, we're featuring special guest keyboardist and vocalist J.J. Moscato. This will be a hot show, so don't miss it!