Tuesday, September 11, 2007

End of Summer Update


It has been a truly eventful Summer concert season for the band. We had a great time performing for audiences young and old across New York state.

We've been quite busy for quite some time; and on the personal front, we've had a few set-backs and losses-- some major events.

After this busy season, we've decided to slow down just a bit, so we'll be taking most of September and October off (although Bruce, Joel and I played a No-Stars Trio gig at the Harvest Run, and the band has a few dates in October-- Friday the 5th at Vizzi's in Kenmore, and Saturday the 27th at a private affair in Wendleville). We're going to be recuperating, soul-searching, writing, planning, recording, and rehearsing. We'll get some more shows in for you in November and December (we've got some more casino dates coming-up too), but we're getting ready to kick it up a notch for 2008...

Check back here and at the home site for more info, and we'll see you soon. THANKS for your support and for being the greatest music fans on Earth.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blues Hospitalizations...

Still haven't heard an update on Etta James' condition.

By now, everyone probably knows that Bo Diddley had a heart attack (which he apparently suffered while in-hospital for a check-up; I suppose that was somewhat serendipitous)...

Anyone with any updates on either of these artists' condition, post a comment here, or e-mail me at Gregg@MightyNoStars.com.


It's true, and apparently, official...

See for yourself over at Yahoo News. Rock Stars die much earlier (on average) than members of the general population. An official study has been made, and we finally have an answer to a burning question...

Can you imagine? Who knew? (I wonder who spent the money to support an academic waste of time such as this?).