Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Gig and some Important Info.

Hey No-Star Nation,

How are you? Enjoying the first weeks of 2010?

We have a gig this Friday, the 29th, at Vizzi's. Come on out if you're in the WNY area; it's an intimate setting (read: small but energetic place), with some of the best food in the area (and that's saying something).

OK, time for us to give you a bit of a belated update. Our dear friend and bassist, Joel Thomas, has had to temporarily step-down from the No-Stars due to some health issues... We can't say anymore right now, but we'll keep you informed as soon as we are able. Joel is likely to be away from the bandstand for awhile. We are already missing him, but if you've been to the last couple of gigs, you know that our newest Mighty No-Sub, Frank Reino, is ably holding-down the bottom end. Frank will most likely be filling in on most of the gigs through this winter and into the summer of 2010, so please stop by and say hello, and make him feel welcomed. Again, we'll give you more information on Joel as it becomes available and we are able to do so. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, and the bass-chair will be kept warm for his return!

God Bless & Good Blues,