Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Summer Update 2009

Hey There, No-Star Nation;

We had a great time on the Summer Tour '09! We played "Blues In The Valley" again in Warsaw, NY. We will play that show every year they ask us, honest. One of the best-run events we've had the pleasure to be involved with, and we really enjoyed the other acts on the bill this year (big-ups to The Todd Eberwine Band and the Junkyard Dogs). We also had a great time in Attica, Orchard Park (thanks again for all your help, Don from the Boys of Summer), Boston, Hamburg, at St. Christopher's (the Spirit Ride and the Summerfest this year), the Wild & Blue Outdoor Festival, a new event in Farmersville called the Smokey Bones Music Festival, the Genesee County Fair, and of course at the Double Diamond in Ellicottville and at Joanne's Queen City Grille in Tonawanda. We also thoroughly enjoyed a few multi-band shows we played this past Spring (Jimmy's Jam and the Blues in March event). Thanks to all the fans, event promoters, and our supporters in the Blues Society of WNY for making this a great season of live shows for us! And many, many thanks to our agent and den-mother in-residence, Susan Fischer for her un-ending assistance and energy in the cause of all things Mighty and No-Star...

Don't forget, the upcoming WBFO Blues CD will feature an advance version of one of the tracks on our forthcoming second album ("Memories of Rage" by Bruce Rounds).

A new news-item from the No-Stars' press office-- I'll be writing some reviews and articles for the very popular percussion-oriented publication, Drum! Magazine, so watch for the Gregg Juke byline in an issue coming your way soon!

Once again, it's time for a little R&R (rest and relaxation, in this case). We'll take a little time off to recouperate and regroup and catch a little Summer vacation before getting back on the old "Jetson's treadmill." We're playing a private event in early September, and we've got some Fall dates scheduled at a few of our favorite local venues, but we're planning on taking time over the next several months to get a lot more work done on our upcoming sophomore CD release before the holiday season (it'll be here before you know it, folks).

In the meantime, we hope you really enjoy the rest of your summer; we'll be back at'cha and on stage in no time. Thanks again to all the members of the No-Star Nation for your unwavering support.

Until then-- God Bless & Good Blues...