Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alan Parsons, your Mighty No-Stars, and a mini Batcave Update... (and Happy Thanksgiving)

Last week, Bruce Rounds, our friend Reggie Evans, and myself traveled to Nashville, TN, for the second annual Producer's & Engineers Summit at "Welcome to 1979" recording studio. Welcome to 1979 is an analog recording facility in West Nashville, owned by engineer Chris Mara. Last year I was pleased to make the acquaintance of such accomplished audio professionals as Bob Ohlsson (Nashville mastering engineer, formerly of Motown Records in Detroit) and independent producer and musician Mark Rubel. This year we met an amazing cross-section of audio talent that included folks that have recorded everybody from Led Zeppelin and the Beach Boys, to major contemporary and heritage Country artists. Besides a full weekend of music and recording workshops and a great hang, the kicker this year was a listening party with Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" in the original quadraphonic version, with an interview/commentary talk afterwards by Alan Parsons himself. Outstanding. We will definitely be back, and I highly recommend this weekend to anybody interested in the production of records.

Regarding The Batcave ("the walk," "the room," " 'Reggie's Place' ,"), we are moving along quite nicely. While we have been rehearsing there for months, Bruce and I have been taking our time with sound treatment, signal routing, and interior design, which has paid-off with a great looking and sounding control room and studio. We are close to a finished product that we will be willing to reveal to the public, so stay-tuned for more news, photos, and videos coming your way.

In gig news, we'll be back down in Ellicottville, NY at the Double Diamond this Friday, November 26th (the day after Thanksgiving). Music starts at 9:30pm, and we hope to see you there! It's been awhile, so we're jazzed to get back on the road for some music-making. It's going to be a great gig.

God Bless, Good Blues, and Happy Thanksgiving,