Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late Again!

Hey No-Star Nation,

It's been too long once again. Life's personal challenges, setting-up a new audio and video recording venture, and working on a follow-up record (as well as helping some friends promote their new releases) have taken-up quite a bit of time. Sorry!

News Bulletins:

* The Sonic Vault is ready to go. Website, sound and video, and other goodies pending, but let us know if you're interested in recording services (in-studio or on-location audio and video production)-- brand new central A/C to beat the summer heat!

* Susan, our band manager, has been recovering from some surgery; say a prayer and wish her well for a speedy recovery!

* You can still donate to ; we'll have a special project coming up soon that we could really use your help on...

* Due to all of the activities mentioned above, the summer concert schedule has been pretty slow, but we do have a bunch of dates coming in August... For more info, visit the homesite at; come on out and see the band, and say hi to our new member, Tony Blasting!

Thanks and C U Soon,