Monday, November 03, 2008

"Blues News Youse Can Use..."

Look. It's been several years now, and I've never used a corny two-bit Title Headline like that before. Gimme a break. This blogging stuff ain't easy...

Anyway, here is some legitimate Mighty No-Star News for ya:

* New Endorsement Deal-- Our favorite guitarist, Your Mighty No-Stars' Bruce Rounds, has inked an endorsement deal with Carr Amplifiers. Very cool, very hip hand-wired boutique amps used by many top stage and studio players, and a lot of the younger generation of up-an-coming musicians (Neko Case, for instance). Check them out on-line, and check Bruce's new amp out at an upcoming gig.

* New Website-- I know, I know, we've made this promise before, and to be fair to us, we've made quite a few upgrades and changes to our home site over the last couple of years, but this is BIG! I'm not talking little tweaks here. We will be sending out press releases soon about Bruce's new endorsement deal and our "Grand Re-Opening" at, but suffice it to say that Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars on-line have never looked better. We have lots of new photos, info, and cool features coming your way. We're still under construction until further notice, but you can take a sneak-peek at what we're up to by clicking here:

* Contest & Awards-- Congratulations to Mighty No-Sub J.J. Moscato, lead singer and crack keyboardist for J.J. Moscato and Blue Avenue, who will be representing Buffalo/WNY in the solo/duo competition at the International Blues Challenge this year (along with our old friend Reggie Evans). Great Job guys (it's great to see when one of these things turns out right). Congratulations also goes to a great group, the Todd Eberwine Band, who will represent Buffalo/WNY in the band division. Here's to WNY showing our stuff in Memphis. Go get 'em, boys...

* World Record-- Our drummer, Bret Norvilitis and I spent the afternoon Sunday helping about 150 drummers locally, and who knows how many (totals aren't in yet) Nationwide, in breaking the Guiness Book of World Records record for "Most Drummers Playing the Same Beat at One Time" on a rousing version of "Louie Louie" that lasted over five minutes, followed by some percussion-crazy rock chestnuts from the 60's. This was a great event sponsored by Buffalo Drum Outlet. We'll have a story and pictures up at the home site as soon as we can. In the words of one semi-retired drummer (me), this event was "insane."

* Upcoming Gigs-- Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars will be at Vizzi's in Buffalo, and at the Double Diamond in Ellicottville in November (check our website schedule, or your local listings for more info). Also, 'tis the season, so we'll have information on lots of upcoming Christmas shows for you soon. We're still waiting to find out who will be on the upcoming "WBFO Gives Me The Blues, Vol. VI," but as soon as we know, we'll let you know too.

Until next time, as always-- God Bless & Good Blues,