Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big News for 2006

Well, let's see:

* Joel's back?

* Baby girl?

* Opening up for Howard & The White Boys on Sunday, February 19th at the Lafayette Tap Room in Buffalo?

Yup, we covered those... But here's some news we haven't released as of yet-- We have inked a management deal with Paul Collins Artist Management International, a management and booking agency out of Kansas City. Paul works with many top and up-and-coming Jazz musicians (including recording artist and John Scofield sideman Greg Tardy, and Italian recording artist Roberto Magris). Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band will certainly be something new for PCAMI, but we are looking forward to breaking new ground together.

Susan Fischer, our stalwart business agent and resident Wonder Woman, will continue as a valued member of our team, working with us on local and regional booking, as well as coordinating some of her more ambitious efforts with Paul and the folks at PCAMI.

Exciting things happening around the No-Stars bullpen; we'll keep you posted on further developments... Can World Domination be far behind????


Some folks say my face, when I play the Bass...

...get all squinched-up like some type of jellyfish, er son'in...

No, not really, but here's some big news-- Jumpin' Joel Thomas is back!!!!

Joel's first post-surgery, post self-X-ray performance was on Friday night at our monthly house gig at Alternative Brews in Amherst. Crowd went wild, and so did the band. We'd like to thank gregarious Glenn Bernardis for doing such an admirable job of filling-in for Joel during his absence.