Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays 2010!

Hey No-Star Nation,

I can't believe it's been another year! Another year of shows, another year of rehearsing, recording, writing, negotiating, planning; another year of getting to know many of you!

We were nominated for a Nightlife Music Award this year, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to find out if we have won or not (the awards ceremony was last week, but the winners haven't been posted yet). If anybody has a clue, send us an e-mail, aye?

We recently completed our 6th year as the house band for the "Sounds of Christmas" show presented by Hess Rd. Weslyan Church, and this year we took the show on the road. Another great time, great performances, and wonderful hospitality from all involved-- Thanks.

We are now entering our seventh year as a band. I continue to be blessed to work with amazing, talented, dedicated people. This is definitely the greatest band I've ever been in (and I've been in a lot of bands!). I'd like to thank everybody in the No-Stars' bullpen and office (especially Bruce, Tony, Bret, and Susan) for all they do.

We are making some changes. You're going to be pleased. We're looking forward to a blues-rockin' 2011. There's so much to say, it's hard to know where to begin. Check back often for updates on the band, the new studio, new music, and our expanding gig schedule.

This coming Friday and Saturday, we are at Vizzi's in Kenmore, and the Double Diamond in Ellicottville, respectively. We hope to see you there. If not, have an OUTSTANDING Christmas and New Years, and we hope you had a great Hanukkah!

Onward and Upward in 2011...

God Bless & Good Blues,