Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brief Blues Update

Hey No-Star Nation Peeps,

Just a quick "what up?" from Your Mighty No-Stars. We are on a brief gig sabbatical (but never a musical vacation!), as we are rehearsing new originals for upcoming shows and our next CD, while we are also learning some more jump blues/swing material for the big dance contest in August (visit www.MightyNoStars.com and check the schedule for details). We're also taking care of business (TCB), after the flurry of activity over the last several weeks and months-- read the last bunch of posts to catch up.

A few items of note:

* The SuperJam was a great time; we enjoyed seeing everybody, watching the other acts, and catching-up with old friends. Hopefully we'll see you there next year.

* Radio stations around the country continue to add "Blues Power" to their playlists and rotation. An upcoming, updated list will appear right here at this blog soon (we originally intended to update the list at the main website, but the blog is actually a lot easier to get to on a frequent basis, so watch this space for a current list of media additions).

* Our main website is getting another update with some hip content. Stay tuned for news, more videos, photos, downloads, etc., etc. Coming Soon!

* For those of you that have been members of the No-Star Nation for several years, you may remember Red, father-in-law to our founding drummer (and now webmaster) Bill. Red passed away recently, which saddened us, but as we celebrated his life with Dr. Bill and his family, our spirits were lifted thinking of Red (who was 88?) cutting a rug with any woman (generally at least 40 years younger, if not more) game enough to punch his dance card at one of our many gigs over the last four or five years... Red was the life of the party at many Mighty No-Star events, and will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers go with his family...

We'll see you soon, and please keep calling those radio stations and requesting music from Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars.

In the meantime, God Bless & Good Blues,